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John Henry Holliday DDS

I am a dentist first and foremost. I was born in the beautiful State of Georgia, at Griffin, on August 14th 1851, the only son of Major Henry Burroughs Holliday and his wife Alice Jane McKey Holliday. I take pride in coming from Georgia.

In all my life I only killed but one man, and then whilst acting in self defence, as a duly appointed officer of the law, in the course of an arrest.

If you are expecting stories of gunfights, shootings and killings then look elsewhere.  On this site you can learn about my life in Georgia and the many and varied other places, where I dwelt but could never call home.  You will find photos and stories of a man attempting to live a decent and honourable life in the face of the disease which would eventually claim him.  I do not seek your approval - I only seek your understanding'

Inspired by John Holliday and dedicated to his memory

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We intend to develop this site over the coming months to add photographs and stories of the places associated with John Henry Holliday, who created the 'malevolent character' of Doc Holliday as a means to protect himself on his sojourn in the West.  

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