Following in his footsteps
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Edna Wilson and Lynn Dunn

The Holliday family owned several properties in Griffin.    This site on the corner of 3rd and Broadway is one of them and it is probable John was born here. The house has long since gone and has been replaced by a light engineering works.

John inherited this building on Solomon Street from his mother, Alice Jane.  

The bequest came into effect on his twenty first birthday.  John sold the property for $1,800 before heading west.


Two unmarked graves in Oakhill Cemetery in Griffin have led to speculation that John Henry Holliday's final resting place is back in his home soil.

John's sister, Martha Eleanora, who died in 1850, is buried in the older part of the cemetery.

The original stone reads 'In memory of Martha Eleanora, daughter of H.B. and A.J. Holliday who died June 12th 1850 aged 6 months 9 days'.



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